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Pascal van Ginkel - Mid

  • @mid
  • hyperfixator extraordinaire
  • he/him
  • 🇳🇱 The Netherlands

Hello, I'm Pascal (Mid on the interwebs)

🤝 I am a very versatile full-stack software engineer. I know my way around many languages and work with a variety of frameworks/libraries like Laravel, NestJS, React and Svelte. I also do lower-cost Wordpress and small pure-JS projects.

🎒 I am currently studying Software Engineering at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and specialize in web related development.

💼 I run my own webdevelopment studio through which I do my freelance work. We also have Truxton on Polywork, you can check him out to see what we're working on.

😸 On the internet I am Mid (also Midblep or Midnight), a tall black cat with blue hair. He is my fursona and digital representation.

💻 I enjoy coding beyond work, but am also into tons of other tech like building computers, playing games, managing networks/infrastructure and flying drones!
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What Pascal's working on

What Pascal's working on