Mike Kilpatrick
  • @mikekilpatrick
As a middle-aged, white bearded man with a bad technology habit I could be just about stereotype you think. But I try and buck the trends if I can.

I'm a former scientist, turned journalist and currently the technology editor for a major New Zealand news outlet. I used to work at Microsoft in Aotearoa as the lead for Microsoft News in the country.

I'm a happily non-married father of two who loves music, movies, television, writing, reading, gaming and misanthropy.

I've just turned vegan after being vegetarian on and off for 20 years and, over the last four years, have lost nearly 80kgs in weight.

Initially that was to try and become a pro-wrestler. In my mid-forties. Yeah, if that doesn't give you an indication of my personality nothing will.

I'm lucky enough to have met my all-time idol, Jimmy Buffett a few years ago. I got him to sign my tattoo - a Buffett-esque picture with "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" on it - and then went and got his autograph tattooed too.
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