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Co-Founder @ Plerk (YC S20)
We help companies to increase productivity and retention by making employees happy with flexible perks and benefits in a virtual card + mobile app. 

📈First Mexican and probably first Latin going public in Human IPO, buy human capital backed by my Time:   https://humanipo.app/id/miguel.medina

Ex-Rappi | Ex-Apple | Ex-Danone 
🇲🇽 Mex-I-Can
🤜 Left-handed 

Let’s talk:   
✉️ m@plerk.io 
📠 @mikez2002 (Telegram & Twitter) 
📱+52 1 33 2647 3650

Love to talk about HR, the future of
work, Latin America, hyper-scaling, and growth.

🏆 🏆 🏆 Three times Clubhouse Startup Club Flounder Tank Winner (Pop-up Shark Tank flash rounds) 

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