Wow was I nervous for this. Shared about my journey, how I got here and my two cents on the industry, and tips and tricks to making engaging content.
Survived our first 11/11 sale ever with By Innes - learnt a lot of things I'd improve on for next time but overall really happy with how we did!
Attended a tasting session of the new vintage of Veuve Clicquot, La Grande Dame 2012. Stunning packaging by no other than Yayoikusama herself!
Sponsored 2 trees at Botanic Gardens for Christmas and did them up Rentadella theme! I've always wanted to do this so it was a pleasure to get to finally donate a large sum to charity to get our ow... Worked with Dmatcha Kyoto on a video to promote and support authentic matcha tea from Japan. Was so cool getting to learn how to properly brew matcha and th... Double win with this campaign for SYFE! It was the push I needed to start investing my money and I'm so excited for this new journey. Shared my honest thoug... SUCH A DREAM getting to make this fun reel video for Haagen Daz's DON'T HOLD BACK campaign. Had a lot of fun styling these new twist flavours! Had lots of fun shooting in this gorgeous rental gown from Rentadella as part of DBS' campaign for their FBS Live Fresh Crd - Singapore's vera first eco-fri...
REELS ARE FINALLY IN SINGAPORE! Created a fun reel for Polywork to promote collaborations on my page - really happy with the result. Have always wanted to do this trend!
Such a fun shoot for Urban Company promoting their 11/11 sale! Even Lulu got involved. Loved this at home mani-pedi service - you've gained a new customer in me for sure!