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Hi there! I'm currently on a learning journey over here, and I'm excited to explore new topics and skills. I believe that learning is essential for personal and professional growth, and I'm committed to investing time and effort into acquiring knowledge.

Right now, I'm focusing on Web Development and Graphics Design and a little of Digital Marketing, and I'm excited about the possibilities that it holds. Whether it's mastering a new programming language, exploring a new culture, or developing a new hobby, I'm always eager to learn and try new things.

I'm well aware that learning can be challenging, but I'm approaching it with a growth mindset and a willingness to take on new challenges. I know that there will be moments of frustration and setbacks along the way, but I'm committed to persevering and overcoming obstacles to achieve my learning goals.

I'm constantly seeking out new resources and tools to support my learning, whether it's through online courses, books, mentorship, or peer support. I'm also excited about the prospect of sharing my knowledge and skills with others, whether it's through teaching, mentoring, or simply inspiring others to embrace lifelong learning.

Overall, I'm excited to be here, and I look forward to all of the opportunities and possibilities that it holds.

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Sep 2018 - Present

Tech Law, University of Calabar

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