Designed Mobile App UI
Delivered a User Experience Vision
Led product design
Wrote a documentation
Worked on a new product
Recently worked on an open-source complete decentralized mobile wallet to send money as simple as sending a text message.

Initially, the idea was to use only ARTH-stable value coin as an underlying asset for sending and receiving in-app. but to create market liquidity for ARTH it was necessary to add other assets also.

By default on the blockchain, your entire transaction history and balances are public. All transactions can be seen on block explorers like Etherscan, and anyone who knows your address can easily view your transaction history and analyze your on-chain activity.

But what if you did not want your history to be publicly viewed by everyone? What if you wanted anonymity and privacy when it came to your transactions? it can be achieved by zkSnark technology.

you can check hereĀ Detailed documentation

DM if you want to know more :)