Janet Brüll
  • @mlatu

Hello and a good day to you!

I write software, mostly for my employers, but in my free time I juggle being a parent, partner and semiprofessional $%&!posting game dev.. also I'm a Mercy main in Overwatch. (I no longer play Overwatch and neither should you.) Probably not the best in any of the fields I listed, but through daily practice surely there will be some progress, ne?

I have experience in writing code in Janet (a Lisp, not mine), C/C++, Python, GodotScript, C# and Java.

My native language is German but in technical settings, I prefer English.

I also understand Polish and am learning Japanese.

(this is [hopefully very obviously] not ai generated, i really want to make that clear: i fucking hate ai-bullshit and you should too. i tried what the ai would output and its the fucking milktoastiest milktoast shit i have ever read, i think i am going to be sick now)

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Aug 2021 - Present

Software developer, Innolite GmbH