Mohamed Alsharweni
  • @mohamedoya
  • Junior Mech. Eng. Student & Content Creator
  • Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Who am I?

Content Creator with a multi-passion disorder. All-in about Technology, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I'm also a Junior Mechanical Engineering Student, and I plan to innovate my way to a future where I fuse and match different skills and industries. (That's why I love Polywork!)

Where do I want to go?

Leonardo da Vinci was an engineer whose creativity and curiosity supplemented his
scientific rigor and innovations. Being good in many and great in one led him and others like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs to find novel solutions to problems in their fields. 

I am good in many areas, and I aspire to become great in the field of research. I'm interested in ammonia combustion and hydrogen energy, and I plan to pursue a research career after graduation, starting from the M.S. program at KAUST.

Currently learning:

  • print(Data Science(python & data analysis))
  • Revising Thermodynamics and taking notes about where I can improve. [Deadline: September 2022]

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