Jul 10, 2021
QtripDynamic is a travel website that is used to browse adventures by cities and book reservations. Also, one can choose the adventure by applying filters of price and places they would like to visit, check their history bookings if done earlier

Link - https://qtrip-dynamic-m5.netlify.app/

Feature - 
  • Built webpages using HTML and CSS, made them dynamic by using Javascript
  • UX with multi-select filters so that user can search adventures as per their choice, used image carousels
  • Condition rendering of page elements
  • persistent local storage for logging user sessions
  • Used JQuery for user's reservation form submission
  • Deployed website using Netlify and Heroku

Skills Learned - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, REST APIs, JSON, DOM Manipulation, cURL, Bootstrap Flex, Bootstrap Spacing, ES6, localStorage, JQuery, Conditional rendering, Bootstrap Carousel, Deployment, Heroku, Netlify

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This is awesome! Definitely going to be checking this out.