Adam Mastrelli
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Adam Mastrelli has designed his life to avoid complacency and crafted an expansive range of experiences that includes documentary filmmaking, over 10,000 hours on stage/screen as a professional actor, and NGO management.

Adam leads North American IBM Systems Digital Asset/Blockchain solutions that power institutional custody, exchange wallets, and tokenization solutions requiring advanced secure private key management. Adam is responsible for market development, and building sales and services infrastructure. 

Recently, Adam spent 3+ years as an intrapreneur building out IBM Blockchain Ventures & the IBM Blockchain Accelerator focused on designing and scaling blockchain networks.

Adam's an LP with Multicoin Capital, a Venture Partner at Woodstock and an advisor at ICHI. 

In addition, Adam currently hosts a television show on the The Smithsonian Channel called ‘Secrets Unlocked’.

Adam received his Bachelors in Sociology and Markets and Management from Duke University and an MBA in Emerging Markets Finance from the University of Florida. His competitive and team spirit were fostered as a Division 1 Soccer player at Duke, and he continues to push himself in every aspect of his life, completing the New York City marathon and the 56-mile Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa. He is proficient in Italian and Spanish and can make small talk in Mandarin, Swedish and Zulu. He thrives on new technologies, global experiences, and the next challenge that lies ahead.
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Jun 2011 - Present

Business Development , IBM