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Fiona Murphy

  • @motherlode
  • Mildly feral about trauma-informed esports. Rarely edited.
  • Chicago & West of Ireland
About Me
Bio coming soon.  
Currently, in the corner self-flagellating for saying I wouldn't join any more things for awhile. Yet here we are. 

The gist...
Entrepreneur of this & that, consigliera for founders, grifter-hunter, future Valais blacknose sheep herder, and awhile back, co-developer of trauma-informed homeless and food insecurity recovery programs for the first tiny home veteran village of its kind in the nation. 

Things I will go fisticuffs on (or happily speak about):
—We must end digital poverty now. Right fricking now. 
—Trauma-informed scholastic & community gaming & esports ecosystems will raise up communities *if* done right. 
—We’re overdue for brain science to be a core K-12 subject. Psychology, neuroscience, behavioral finance, cognitive science… BRING ‘EM ON. 

For starters. 

Northwestern Wildcat. 
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