Oct 12, 2021
Discovery Process
SAP Business One
Business Process Management
Project Manager
Team Building
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Last week we started a new #digitaltransformation project with the company Crosetto Ingeniería that will have the implementation of #sapbusinessone as its final objective

Crosetto Ingeniería (http://www.crosetto.com.ar) is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the country that provides mechanotronic solutions and services, being a leader in automation and frozen projects.

During the #kickoff meeting we review the background, objectives, scope and schedule of the project with the aim of aligning the expectations of the team and stakeholders

The first stage of this project (Discovery Process) consists of understanding the following points:
- Organization and its culture
- Current Process Model
- Technology and Systems
- Business and Clients

Thanks to this understanding, we will be able to work together with our client in the definition and design of new work methodologies and technological and process requirements that will need to be considered in the implementation of #sapbusinessone