Mustansir Zia

Premature optimization is the root of all evil, 97% of the time; Yet we should not pass opportunities in that critical 3%.” - David Knut
What I am and generally do: I’m a polyglot programmer who solves problems through code. I can think logically in a variety of different languages and believe a good developer should never be restricted by platform or language. I hate stereotyping and respect other people’s opinion in a workspace. I like to write poetry and not prose. I’m always on a lookout for tools that improve my code and my workflow.

While I’m not doing all that I think about traveling the world and riding a bike with my wife.

What I like to work on: I’m thrilled by bleeding edge. I get bored of using a decade old technology to solve a problem that has been solved decades ago. I’m also looking for people who understand the value of time and respect flexibility among their colleagues. Remote work is one such example.
What is my present job title: Senior Full Stack Developver (who also does occasional DevOps)

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