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Manuel Vila

  • @mvila
  • Full-Stack Engineer with an eye for UX/UI
  • Japan
I founded 1Place Inc. in July 2016 in Fukuoka, Japan, with an idea for a product that took a while to emerge.

I have been building full-stack web, mobile, and desktop apps for 30 years. It used to be simple, but a few years ago, I felt that building a modern app became a nightmare.

There were endless technologies and tools to master, and a typical architecture was composed of far too many layers. As a result, engineers had to be scattered into specialized teams, causing a lot of friction and killing productivity.

So even before I began building anything, I felt the urgency to solve my problem as a software engineer — making the development of modern apps easier.

This is how Layr, Boostr, and Deepr were born.

Now that the tech stack is in place, I am ready to build my initial product idea — an open and decentralized platform called 1Place for a new generation of SaaS apps to enhance user experience and developer productivity.

I must raise money and build a team to achieve such an ambitious project.

So, I am looking for the best VC firms and the most talented people wherever they are.

Check out The SaaS 2.0 Manifesto to learn more.
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