M.Waqas Nawaz
  • @mwaqas_nawaz

I am a mechanical engineer and industrial designer with 7+ years of experience in product design, prototyping and manufacturing. I have completed over 80+ jobs related to this field on Upwork. I have expertise in designing products for manufacturing purposes (3D printing and industrial manufacturing). I have previously designed various products including a robotic hand, forklift, exercise cycle, buggy, compressible trash can, plastic melting machine, pie vending machine, etc. 

I am experienced in the complete design process, from concept sketches to bulk manufacturing and shipping (to amazon warehouse or any location). I am accustomed to using standard components from reliable suppliers e.g. Macmaster-Carr to keep the product cost at a minimum.

I also provide the service of prototyping and have all the required resources, including 3D printers (FDM, SLA), laser cutter, PCB machine, CNC and other workshop facilities. Afterwards, if needed, I can connect you with reliable Chinese manufacturers too.

My portfolio: https://devomech.com/portfolio


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Mar 2019 - Present

COO, Devomech Solutions