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Ghazali Nasakti

  • @nasakti
  • Business Law, Technology Law, Computational Law & Backend Developer
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
Nasakti is a penultimate year law student with particular interests in business law, technology law, ethics, and human-computer interaction. He has demonstrated legal work experience in resolving national strategic issues on politics, law, defense, security, and human rights affairs at the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

He is a multidisciplinary student, apart from formally studying law at university, he also studying applied computer science mostly self-taught since high school. He is experienced with PHP, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, a bit of Postman and has experience as a full-stack developer and software quality assurance engineer. To the legal realm, he is passionate about using his applied computer science skills to create legal technology products as programming is today's language of creativity.

He is looking forward to exploring law, business and technology, computational law, and legal technology.
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