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Nathan Cheng

  • @nathancheng
  • Visual design, video, and code.
  • he/him
  • Philadelphia, PA

I'm early-career designer and multidisciplinary creative fostering immersion, understanding, and fun. 

I’m an early-career designer and recent (2020) graduate who’s passionate about finding ways to help people feel, relate, and understand better through visual, sound, and interaction systems. Generally, my approach comes from cross-disciplinary creative & collaborative practices in digital design, filmmaking, and software development.

My work fits under the umbrellas of visual interface design, graphic design, front-end development, and video editing. With a sprinkle of photo editing, code, writing, illustration, and icon design.

I’m just as likely to tinker with code as I am to make a poster, to establish a vision as to follow guidelines, to be as concerned about imagery as usability.

My holistic approach has been commended for outstanding concept & execution by figures from Warner Brothers Games Boston, Bethesda Softworks, and the American Film Institute.

Currently, I’m working a part-time admin job in Philadelphia while taking on occasional freelance projects. I’m looking for a start to my design/tech career at a company where I can do one or more of the following:
  • Making existing systems more beautiful, comprehensible, and intuitive.
  • Contributing to a mission that supports sustainability or socio-political good.
  • Shaping the design & development of new immersive experiences or paradigms (e.g., VR/AR/MR). 
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