Nathan Cheng
  • @nathancheng
  • Visual design, video, and code.
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • he/him

I'm early-career designer and multidisciplinary technologist fostering immersion through visual systems and world-building.

I’m a designer and developer finding crafty ways to make visual, sound, and interaction systems more engaging for people. My diverse background in digital design, filmmaking, acting, and coding has helped me to develop a holistic and collaborative creative approach.

Across mediums, I like to build elegant & immersive “worlds” for users with strong visual polish and clear information structures. I don’t fit neatly into one category as my portfolio includes visual/UI design, graphic design, web development, and video editing. I also have experience in photo editing, coding, writing, and icon design.

Currently, I’m working part-time in Philadelphia while taking on freelance projects. I’m looking to build my design/tech career by serving one or more of the following functions:

  • Collaborating with designers & developers to polish details and make systems more consistent, comprehensible, and representative.
  • Contributing to socio-political wellbeing or environmental sustainability.
  • Use tools that shape worlds & experiences: Development tools for interaction-building (e.g., Javascript, React, and Swift), and Creative tools for image-making (e.g., After Effects and Blender/Cinema/Maya)
  • Assist the design & development of new immersive experiences or paradigms (e.g., VR/AR/MR).
  • Pair with mentors to refine my specializations.
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Mar 2021 - Present

Admin/Media Assistant, TAL Technologies