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Over 14 years in Big Tech™️, I've gone from testing video drivers to writing automation frameworks to managing programs and products. It's been a ride.

My heart's in creating smart, clean, and sustainable experiences helping real people solve problems as transparently as possible. In corp life, that has manifested as, for example, enabling hands-free access to emergency calls, empowering customers with clear choices (instead of dark patterns) to achieve business outcomes, and removing barriers to access and understand how our products and services do the jobs for which people hire them.

I've delivered consumer communications services, e-commerce funnels and subscription management, myriad operating system and apps experiences; lived customer support journeys for a pulse on what's shipped and what's missing; advocated my team's work in an FCC panel and working group; and glued together cross-team, cross-org, and external partner relationships.

My roles have taken me across many types of screens and headless devices powered by NT and *nix kernels, running against fragile SPROCs in legacy platforms and ground-up microservices, rendered in iframes and PWAs and WebView bridges and voice and chat, served on-prem and from cloud-based Azure V1 and AWS backends, designed for 1' to 2' to 10' interactions, needing global deployments and firmware updates and app store releases, internationalized for 5 to 110 locales, with close attention on security and privacy and accessibility and performance (an ordered list). All highlighted by exciting wins and failures and some long nights of incident response and secret projects that didn't make it. And I've loved MOST of it 😜

I'm also a passionate and unapologetic social justice advocate as I grew up in food lines, watched unnecessary societal ills erode family and friends, struggled with frequent othering, mental health challenges beyond my family's vocabulary, and chronic pain from an adolescent injury. Despite difficulties, I was privileged to have a loving family, two-job first-gen-graduate mother who gave me every advantage she never had. I see so much potential in our ML and AI-powered future, and also much risk and dire consequences should we fail to think beyond happy paths or recognize what's hard to see in ourselves.

Besides that, I'm a WA native required to love hiking, deadpan delivery, EVs, and mountain/water views I'm legally not allowed to shut up about. Love the world, but ❤️ the PNW as home even more. I'm looking to put more energy towards volunteering, investing, and advising this decade.

And I'm highly verbose and tangential 😁 Let's banter about techie musings, philosophy, and building an intentional future.
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Oct 01, 2017
Oct 01, 2017
Excited to join Amazon as Product Manager! 🎉
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Product Manager, Amazon