Warren Yun

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  • Student, The Bronx High School of Science
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  • New York
heya, i’m warren! i’m 15 years old, and i love programming, neuroscience, and building brand new thin...  
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  • The Bronx High School of Science
  • Sep 2020 - Present

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Nov 28, 2021
Nov 28, 2021
Learning about neuroscience
Learning about cybersecurity
Just got selected to compete for my school's Science Olympiad team!

I'll be competing in BirdSO in A&P, Detector Building, and Cybersecurity!

Excited to start grinding for this!

Nov 20, 2021
Nov 20, 2021
Co-hosted a podcast show
Just co-hosted a live podcast with Adam Davidson on The Orpheus Show!

We talked about awesome things from story-telling to journalism and economics.

Hopefully we can finish editing it soon and release it!
Nov 11, 2021
Nov 11, 2021
Team development
Used Next.js
Using Tailwind CSS
+ 1
Joined the developer team at Lumiere!

The website is SUPER awesome and I'm learning a bunch of new technologies + ways to efficiently use Next.js!

So far I've been working on the frontend and learning Tailwindcss, but hopefully I can start working on the juicier stuff as I go on!

I've also gotten into the habit of utilizing a lot of Git's features to maximize productivity, efficiency, and organization! 

Here are some screenshots of what I've made here so far!

Nov 09, 2021
Nov 09, 2021
Club Board
Just ran my first meeting for my club, Desktop Robotics!

Hopefully we can teach students how to build neat circuits and little robots that can do anything they want!
Nov 07, 2021
Nov 07, 2021
Started learning robotics
I got into my school's robotics team, the Sciborgs!

The team seems really cool, hopefully I can learn how to write robot code, along with a lot more!
Nov 07, 2021
Nov 07, 2021
Hosted a hackathon
Just hosted Midnight Hacks!

Overall we had 130 attendees, and 20 projects submitted!

We had awesome workshops from Hack Clubbers, and amazing projects submitted!

Hopefully we can host a second one sometime soon!

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