Executive Assistant, Dashlane
Jan 28, 2022
There's a feeling at the end of a regional theatre contract where the show has closed but everyone doesn't quite want to leave. You sit around laughing, stay up too late, distinctly aware that soon you will go back to your "normal" life, that this contract was fleeting. And it's sad. There are hugs, tears, and words of love and support thrown around right, left, and center.

In about 5 minutes I will leave the Dashlane office for the last time, and I have that exact same feeling. For 2.5 years I've gotten to work for an incredible company, full of incredible people, who care deeply, are infinitely inspiring, and who have supported me wholeheartedly. It helps that we also have made an incredible product that I will continue to use every single day to make my life easier.

I am a better person for having worked at Dashlane. And I never really thought this sort of feeling existed outside of the arts.

What a fool I was.

Thank you Dashlaners, everywhere. See you soon.