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Converted PNG to Excel
Project: They have around 100 images that need to transfer to an excel file.

Goal: Convert it to a startup companies database.

Help needed: a data entry job, fastest typing, ideally fast turnaround

While briefing for this task, it was overwhelming to think how can I deliverable this project with grace. Searching for a tool that may help was just a 'whatever Google may give me' thing. Glad I search for it and found Capture Text of Snagit.

I have been using Snagit since 2013 for screen recording. Perks of having licensed software, I just have to pay a little to upgrade for Snagit 2020 than actual price of it.

Grab text feature is such a big help. Instead of a more than a 1-week job, it only takes less than 5 hours of work.

Software feedback: not as 100% accurate or can really capture text, still needs human accuracy especially on ampersand, typos are present. Still needs attention to detail.