I am passionate about technology and life. I strongly believe that we can improve aspects of our lives by developing better and more affordable technology.

My technological focus is mainly on computers and free and open source software because I strongly believe that free and open source software (FOSS) enables a wide variety of things across virtually every field. FOSS is also an equalizer and provides everyone the opportunity to learn and innovate.

As a software engineer, I am capable of developing software for these systems. My focus in software engineering is on application development, though I have done embedded system software development before. I've also helped design protocols and develop specifications as part of product development. I prefer working with teams, but I can work on my own, if need be.

As a writer, I can write informational pieces, letters, memos, and specifications. I've done all of them, and I write to the best of my ability. I've been writing about mobile technology at ExtremeTech.com for years, and I do so because I love to write and inform.

I have strong opinions, but I am always willing to listen to others and revise my judgments based on evidence. I am not afraid to be wrong, but I will do my best to not be wrong. If I am, I will make every attempt to correct any effects from a bad decision.

I treat my life like an adventure. I will do my best to overcome any challenge in my way, and I don't rest until I can successfully show the fruits of my labor.
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