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Michael Lambert

I am a human-centric IT professional with servant leadership skills. With 25+ years experience, I have expertise across People Management and Mentoring, Business and Operations Management as well as Technical & Product Management.

I have mentored developers at all levels and am skilled in technical leadership across all aspects of development including, best practices in software architecture, coding and quality assurance. Coupling this with extensive commercial experience, I act as a sounding board for C-level executives in both business and technical matters.

With the ability to apply systems thinking to develop strategic plans, I make decisions that balance the expectations of employees, customers and the business. I use my technical skills to combine “minimum viable product” and “testable, useable, loveable” concepts with a focus on delivering exceptional customer and user experiences. This ultimately helps the business achieve stability through evolution and change management.

To reduce staff turnover, lower the total cost of ownership and improve customer deliverables, I help those in my team to define their unique purpose, and then align tasks and projects based on their motivators.

Passionate and highly experienced in agile, I am able to integrate agile practices while minimising the associated risks.

As a leader, I strive to create an inclusive environment where staff feel they belong and feel safe to be their true self.
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