Founding a new company
Raising a PreSeed Round
Starting a new company
Working on redesigning higher education!
We all have ideas why college sucks.. I'll save your time by getting to what we are doing.

Our high level goals are
1) to pay students
2) make it more enjoyable than college (21% of college students are depressed. 5x the national average!!!)
3) get students working on real world problems day 1.

We've got a solid plan to make all of this happen! And we are just getting started (~June 2022). 

Our initial audience is super talented young adults who want to build something that will change the world!

If you are a super talented young adult, reach out! This will be 4 years of doing what you want, traveling the world with a squad, and hopefully becoming a millionaire in the process :D

If you are excited about the future of education or love to help people build companies, reach out as well! The more partnerships the better chance we have of truly disrupting college education.  Let's say goodbye to debt, lectures, and depression.