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On this episode of the Software World, I welcome Nick Taylor, Lead Software Engineer at Forem, the software that powers Dev[dot]to.

In our conversation, Nick talks about how he hosts pair programming in a live stream, important aspects of having and building communities, and working on open source.

#25: Live Pair Programming, Open Source, and Building Communities with Nick Taylor

Sep 15, 2021
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I got to hang out with my coworker Ben Halpern, Cassidy Williams, and Jonathan Carter on the latest DEV Discuss podcast episode to talk about all things Visual Studio Code!

Grab your favourite snack and give it a listen. 🍿

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Jan 10, 2021
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Nick Taylor: Open Source, Live Streaming, and Structured YOLO

Dan and Bekah welcome Nick Taylor (Senior Software Engineer at Forem/DEV) to talk about his journey into tech, open source, and the importance of community

This was a lot of fun and I feel honoured to have been the first guest on the Virtual Coffee podcast.