Write Code faster with ChatGPT

Discover the secrets to accelerated coding with ChatGPT as Matt McInnis, developer at Typist, guides us through prompting techniques and demonstrates how to effectively provide context to ChatGPT. Nick and Matt go through some real world examples that provide tips and tricks to get the most out of your prompting. Links: - Matt's company Typist, https://join-typist.com/ - Matt on Twitter, https://twitter.com/MattLovesMath - The Inside Story of ChatGPT’s Astonishing Potential | Greg Brockman | TED Talk, https://youtu.be/C_78DM8fG6E?t=655 - Gant Laborde on The Practical Dev Walkthrough Wednesday, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbOUaLuyieQ&list=PL8Bb2WLXhUaDCHK5HrxDXZWmuTARKDiV3&index=29 - Debugging the Internet with AI agents – with Itamar Friedman of Codium AI and AutoGPT, https://www.latent.space/p/codium-agents#details

Published: Jun 27, 2023

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