Nicolás Camacho
  • @nico23

I've worn many hats over the years and been in multiple teams/environments, I've learned to take the best of each of my roles with me everywhere I go. 

Customer Service (BMO,McDonald's), Sales Specialist(BMO, CPS)- Taught me to care and understand the customer and use those insights to help the business/experience.

Data Analyst (Loblaw) - Taught me to build tools to get Data-driven insights, optimize and renew old processes to help the business save time/resources/money, pilot and release new projects and initiatives and track their success effectively. 

Manager - Co-op Merchandize Analytics  (Loblaw) - Taught me how rewarding it is to build others up. Setting them up for success and taking their interests to help teach and motivate them. How important it is to teach the "Why?" before the "what and how". 

Construction Worker/Artist - Has always motivated me to create a legacy. I want to always give my best and I want the final product of all that work to reflect all the dedication and time that was invested. 
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