100 Days Of Code
Every day for the past 100 days, I have sat at my desk and spent at least an hour a day learning and coding.

Over 100 hours have been spent on completing the App Brewery Web Development Bootcamp, where I've completed various projects to learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript, plus various other complimenting frameworks and technologies for front-end and back-end development (such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, React.js).
I thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a LOT and couldn't recommend it enough! Plus it was also nice to have Angela Yu,  asian, female, also equally loves food as much as I do, as the instructor 😂

Here's what else I learned:
🦋  Motivation really fluctuates! My original commitment was actually 20 minutes a day for 100 days. This was less overwhelming than committing to an hour, and was really helpful because it tricked my brain into getting started, which a lot of the time was the hardest part, and I ended up coding for way longer anyway!
🦋  Programming is frustrating but rewarding - the feeling of getting something working is worth all the frustration 😅
🦋  Small progress is better than no progress 🌿