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Oct 12, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
Shared knowledge
Do you feel squeezed sometimes? 🍋

No matter who I talk to, everyone is busier than ever before (the pandemic). As if we're trying to push through by doubling down. As if businesses are trying to keep the economic fallout of this health crisis at bay by up levelling productivity.

📈 Exponential growth in our to-do list, yet somehow the time we have to get it done doesn't expand.

Team members and leaders alike are trying to cope with the ever-increasing workload by working longer hours. 10, 12, even 15 hours a day just to stop the backlog from growing.

But that's not a solution. I believe it's the easy way out for any team or department or organisation just so we don't have to ask the hard questions.

The real solution? ppb.

Prioritise, plan, balance.

How are you responding to increasing workload in your teams? Head down and power through? Reshuffling? Stopping projects?

Tell me in the comments! 👇
Oct 12, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
Hosted coaching session
Women in Tech
Mentored someone
+ 1
In a coaching session recently ... 

My client is a software developer at a big company. 

She's frustrated that others who joined after her have been getting opportunities that she didn't. We're about to change that for her.

In this session we explored how she can  Raise her profile in meetings without behaving in a way that doesn't align with her. We also looked at strategies how she can gradually expand her network in the company - including to senior managers.
Sep 06, 2021
Sep 06, 2021
Facilitated a remote workshop
facilitated a workshop today. the group is looking to refresh their 'user group concept' and so I planned out a series of three workshop to accomplish that.
Aug 27, 2021
Aug 27, 2021
Coached a team
Delivered a group training session
Delivered a training session for a bunch of developers today. First out of three half-day modules on dealing with stress and building resilience. 
Loved the openness and engagement of the group!
Aug 25, 2021
Aug 25, 2021
Facilitated a Workshop
Today I facilitated a workshop for one of my clients to explore further how company communication and relationships across hierarchies can be improved.

It's funny - and sad - to see how many organisations have the same issues.

My recommendation, as a first step, will be to establish transparency about company processes, roles and responsibilities.
Aug 24, 2021
Aug 24, 2021
Prepared a Workshop
Tomorrow I'm hosting a workshop to help a group of managers and employees uncover how they can better communicate across the organisation ... and build bridges between hierarchies.

Really looking forward to the session!
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