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I'm a Software Engineer at O'Reilly Media, speaker, & writer! Interested in DevRel, personal branding, and self-improvement. Building a community and brand around "hacking yourself" to help folks level up in different areas of their lives.

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I love learning how to learn & connecting with communities!
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Software Engineer

  • O'Reilly Media
  • Feb 2019 - Present
  • 3 years

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Jan 27, 2022
Jan 27, 2022
Started reading a new book
Reading a book
I'm reading a Developer Relations book by Sam Julien!

Jan 27, 2022
Jan 27, 2022
Attended an event
I just attended this awesome networking event by Boston EdTech foundation!

It was great to meet other people in the e-learning and publishing space. I'm excited to connect further with others on LinkedIn.

I also advised a woman who's going through a UX bootcamp to get more involved in social media for networking purposes when she's ready to find an apprenticeship opportunity.
Jan 25, 2022
Jan 25, 2022
Wrote a Blog Post
Published a blog post
I just published a new blog post to the Dare to Be publication! It's about how to network in tech in 2022!

Jan 25, 2022
Jan 25, 2022
Writing a blog post
Currently writing a blog post first draft on this topic:

How to Network in Tech in 2022: Key Strategies for Networking and Maximizing Your Growth in Tech in 2022

It's not easy getting back into writing more frequently, but it's exactly what I love and therefore, what I need to keep doing more of!

Jan 20, 2022
Jan 20, 2022
Attended an event
Attended a Twitter Space event
Yesterday, I listened in and even got invited to the stage to ask questions during one of the most compelling Twitter Spaces I've ever attended!

Kanika Tolver is a tech leader and author of Career Rehab and she spoke alongside other incredible, successful folks about the concept of "Dating Jobs in Tech" for leveling up, career success, confidence, personal branding, and more. She's changing the game of tech and how we approach and nurture our careers.

I'm looking forward to more Spaces like these from her and other people in tech and plan to host and collaborate with others who want to optimize self-improvement and propel their futures forward.

Accountability, self-awareness, and strategy are the themes of 2022 and beyond with our tech careers! I like to call it "hacking yourself".
Jan 19, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Attending a Twitter Space
I'm learning more about DevRel by attending this incredible Twitter Space! Some huge DevRel experts are hosting and speaking in this Space and I love learning from them on my journey to upping my DevRel skills.
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