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Hi! If you're looking for a Design advisor, I'd love to know a few things about you and your company:  • What do you do?  • What's your mission and vision?  • What's the state of Design as an organization at your company?  • What are the key areas you hope a Design advisor can impact?  • Do you have stakeholder buy-in for potentially having a Design advisor come aboard, and have the ability to grant equity?  • Bonus information: What product problems are you wrestling with? What product design problems? What brand design problems? What design team problems?    I'm looking for:   • Warm, ethical, emotionally intelligent teams • Teams that understand (or desire to learn) how design can help empower and shape your business  • Spaces where the potential for design impact stems from the Chief Executive Officer (regardless of the size of the company)  • Long-term working relationships (I meet weekly with my portfolio teams, and my engagement tend to last 3+ years) • Work-oriented products and industries (or anything even tangentially related to climate / climate change)

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