Camille Talley
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Hello, my name is Camille. I am currently a highschool student in the state of Virginia, in grade 11. I am interested in poetry, fashion styling, and creative direction. I also am working towards getting my early childhood education license. I want to have a somewhat steady amount of income as a preschool teacher when I graduate, so I can pursue other goals. My dream since childhood has always been fashion styling and creative direction of brands, so I am hoping to gain a standing in the industry in this lifetime. In addition, I have always had a knack for poetry, in which I hope to publish my own, in the future. Some more information on me, I love to read! I particularly like to read manga, Japanese comics, with my favorite genres being romance, fantasy, and psychological thrillers. I took up reading manga at 13 years old and have burned through over 5,000 series, with varying chapter ranges. I also have a hobby of debating. Whenever I have the time, I call my friends to debate and discuss issues that effect us concerning either politics, the environment, or even silly things like the greatest movies of all time. Thank you for reading, and trying to learn more about me as an individual. I look forward to anyone trying to get into contact with me, Camille.
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Aug 2022 - Nov 2022

Bobarista, Kung Fu Tea