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vivek m

Actively developing 3 SaaS tools as a Solopreneur. 

I'm a mechatronics engineer by qualification . I've worked as a developer at an MNC. Then left the job and started my independant business consultation venture.
Now, i've embarked on a new journey as a Solopreneur. I've been actively developing a few SaaS tools of my own and hope to launch them soon.
As a consultant i've advised various businesses regarding their system designs, architecture, initial traction, brand focused marketing, customer conversions,etc.

As a developer i've worked with Nodejs, MySql, MongoDB, Redis, Socket.io, WebRTC, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap,etc. (and a bit of PHP, Java as well, but that was a long time ago).
Happy to help anyone that i can. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter DMs if you want any help with programming or your startup.

Looking forward to connecting with all the awesome people here. We can learn, collaborate, support and grow together.

I blog at  notanothervivek.com
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