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Olorunfemi Obasa

Field of expertise and experience

  • Enterprise-level responsibilities
  • Project management
  • Data
  • IT support & security
  • Design
  • Strategy & policy advisory
  • Social responsibility
  • Human Resources & Hiring
  • Product development
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Writing and Journalism
  • Training
  • Customer service/ support
Total experience timeline: Over 70,000 hours

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Jul 01, 2014
Jul 01, 2014
o     Enterprise-level responsibilities: 
  • Reputation management
  • Non-disclosure Agreements drafting and implementation
  • Social media policy/ budget drafting and implementation
  • Employee advocacy
  • C-suite social media management. 
  •  Business development
  • Image licensing framework
  • Brand direction, development and management
  • Strategic partnership management.
  • Diversity policy drafting and implementation. 

o     Project management: 
  • Vast experience working from working on over 200 projects across several industries, whether individually, within a team or leading a team in an integrated, consultant or remote setting particularly in sectors like the movies and cinemas or financial products targeted at a specific demographic for a Tier II bank in Nigeria, FCMGs and several others including but not limited to the United Nations.

o     Data: 
  • Extracted data insights and created data visualizations leading to recommendations of required actions. Work experience includes but not limited to cleaning data from government accounts of some countries in Europe, processing national data on Covid19 and international students.

o    IT support & security: 
  • Password protocols drafting and implementation 
  • Social media listening and report analysis. 
  • Domain and hosting management
  • Office365 setup and management
  • Email forwarding protocols
  • Email signature design
  • Mailing list database management
  • Operating system reboot and repair
  • System hardware maintenance 

o     Strategy & policy advisory
  • Advised on sustainable confidence building policy for the World bank to be implemented in a country in Europe.
  • Advised the parliament of an European country on solutions to curb Human Trafficking.
  • Appointed to play a leading role as a member of the strategic think-tank for a faith-based organisation in Europe to advise on medium to long term planning.
  • Created the social media framework and parameters for the corporate and business social media strategy by determining objectives, established what needs to be accomplished and defined how it will be done and agree with business goals of clients in multiple sectors. 
  • Recommended solutions to issues affecting Africans in the diaspora on the Africa 80 platform alongside 80 young Africans from across 30 countries.
  o     Design: 
  • Graphic
  • Editorial
  • User-interface (UI/UX) 
  • Website

o     Social responsibility:
  • Planning, launch and overseeing CSR projects with relevant and filtered partnerships to match desired end-goals.
  • Created and initiated ChatClass NG- a whatsapp based platform to teach students French and accounting in Nigeria and across 5 other countries
  • Volunteered as President; Sustainable Development Goals Community Development Service Group; (SDGs-CDs Group) to plan deployment to various places such as schools and clinics as planned to sensitize on Health, water, and Environment matters to mention a few in the Katsina-ala Local Government area of Benue state.
  • Volunteered as training lead for a faith based organisation in the Katsina-ala Local Government area of Benue state to prepare young school leavers for high school examinations, in computer, debates and music.

o     Digital Marketing: 
  • Copywriting, and handling marketing efforts across several projects to ensure steady business growth and profitability using various digital avenues like social media, email marketing alongside Influencer audit and integration.
  • Developed digital and offline campaign strategies for 2 Tier II Nigerian banks for 2018 and 2019, handled social media moderation and content creation while simultaneously attending to at least 16 social media complaints per hour every day. 
  • Provided event coverage and live moderation at all client’s events across all their platforms and also providing event reports after the event. 
  • Developed content, social and digital media strategies for new clients and managed the onboarding process alongside other senior executives.  

o     Writing and Journalism: 
  • Creating relevant articles on personal and business blogs to promote corporate messaging and increase brand awareness, which drive traffic to sites and signup pages.
  • Written for international platforms like 1Tvine, United Kingdom recommending solutions to national and economic challenges while maintaining authencity and zero bias.
  • Been interviewed on international podcasts like success talks, Page4 and Island Talks. 

o     Training: 
  • Developed engaging and exciting programs to educate staff on the importance of social media, get them to participate in campaigns and promote social media activities internally. 
  • Creating course modules, planning and hosting training sessions on phone photography, email marketing and digital marketing to mention a few. 
  • Implemented staff trainings for new hires to get them ready for their roles and faster integration
  •  As a member of the strategic think-tank for a faith-based organisation in Europe, I facilitated trainings on leadership, workplace readiness and skill acquisition. 
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