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Jacob Preston

Jake has been in the world of tech since 2008 when he started college at the University of Idaho with a major in Computer Engineering. From that point on in school, every summer he took on a tech related job from internships at Sandia National Labs or doing assistantship work with professors. After graduating with a M.S. in Computer Engineering in 2014, he worked at a small company in Pullman, WA called METER Group for about four years. He worked on a variety of technologies there from bare metal firmware design to Django web apps. After METER, he worked at Apple for a little over three years on tools to assist in the development and testing of touch technologies across Apple’s entire product line. Today, he’s an Embedded Software Engineer at Synapse in downtown Seattle.
Other than tech itself, Jake is curious about the mental health impacts of working in the tech world. His time at various companies throughout his career have given a lot of insight on this component of high pressure, high paced working environments. To see more of Jake’s thoughts, view his blog where he often posts about this topic.

In his spare time, Jake likes to wood work, play video games, do vehicle maintenance, or go hiking with his wife and dog.

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