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Hi! I'm Oisín.

 I'm a front-end software engineer at HubSpot and a recent grad from UCD Computer Science in Dublin. I've also dabbled in conference organising in the past, as well as podcasting and student radio. Oh, and my name is pronounced [ush-een]. Nice to meet you! :)
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Software Engineer

  • HubSpot
  • Aug 2020 - Present

Software Engineer Intern

  • HubSpot
  • Jun 2019 - Aug 2019


Jul 03, 2021
Jul 03, 2021
Spoke at a conference
Spoke at ShortStack Conference
Gave a lightning talk
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I gave a lightning talk at ShortStack Conference today. I haven't spoken in ages (I gave a HubSpot talk for UCD Netsoc late last year, but that's all I've done since SISTEM 2020) and it was nice to be able to talk at  conference again. 

My talk was titled "JavaScript is good actually", which sums up the topic pretty nicely. I think JavaScript gets a bed rep online and the language has made massive strides in the last five years, and I think it deserves some credit.

Here's the recording: https://youtu.be/AxEcc4ayGio?t=12

And here are the slides/code samples: https://github.com/oisinq/js-is-good


Dec 01, 2020
Dec 01, 2020
Participated in Advent of Code
I tried out Advent of Code this year! I got as far as Day 16, which was a new record for em. I took the opportunity to try out TypeScript for the first time and I really liked it! https://github.com/oisinq/Advent-of-Code-2020
Aug 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020
Started a new role at HubSpot
Excited to join HubSpot as Software Engineer! 🎉
Software Engineer, HubSpot
Jun 01, 2020
Jun 01, 2020
Graduated from University College Dublin with a Degree
Studied Computer Science
I graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc in Computer Science  after 4 years of studying. It was a great time, even if the pandemic meant I had to graduate from home...
May 18, 2020
May 18, 2020
Developed an Android App
Developed a backend API
Built a Machine Learning Pipeline
Wrote a Thesis
Wrote a Blog Post
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It took the best part of 5 months, but I completed my Final Year Project for my degree. I created  an Android journey planning app for cyclists called dBikes Planner, using the Dublinbikes bike-sharing scheme. It allows users to generate cycling routes from their location to a destination, taking into account the availability of bikes at each station. As part of this, I designed a back-end API that used Machine Learning to predict how many bikes would be available at each station at a given time.

It was a tough but rewarding project, cultivating in a 48-page thesis/report that described the project in great detail.

GitHub: https://github.com/oisinq/dbikes-planner

I also wrote a reflection on this project here: https://oisin.io/b/2020/05/24/dbikes-planner/
Feb 29, 2020
Feb 29, 2020
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Spoke at SISTEM
Gave a lightning talk
Attended SISTEM
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I delivered a lightning talk at SISTEM 2020 about the intersection of technology and civic engagement. I discussed an experimental project I was working on to promote a better understanding of Ireland's electoral system.

My audience comprised of Students in Tech around Ireland. It was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed listening to others' speak about their passions even more!
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