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My name is Alex Matlock, I live in London,United Kingdom and I am the person behind  Loveawake.com Right now I’m working towards getting my PHD in Social Psychology and my focus is towards male and female relationships. Not only do I know “the game” I also know a lot about the female psychology.

I also write regularly and have been featured on quite a few Men’s Online Magazines such as Brobible, ReturnOfKings, Brosome, PinstripeMag, TSBMag, GuysGab, Ziprage, SwaggerMagazine, DatingAdvice, EliteDaily, HuffingtonPost and many others.

My Story

Growing up I never had any trouble getting girls, mostly it was due to the fact that I was tall and because at that age you didn’t need to talk much for something to happen. I managed to secure a girlfriend at the age of 17 and stuck with her until I left home and went to University (2 years). Shortly after I left, she dumped me for another guy. I suffered for a while but eventually decided it was time to move on.

As I was now older, it wasn’t as easy to pick up girls. Indeed I needed some game to get laid. Having none, meant most of my nights were spent alone, in my dorm room. So here I was, at University, where everyone is having sex and experimenting all sorts of sexual desires and I only had myself for company. Don’t get me wrong I was trying, but nothing worked. I would go out, tell about 5 girls just how beautiful they are, only to end up going home by myself. I wonder why? It took about 1 year of this “fabulous” lifestyle (and I am being very serious) until I actually got used to the fact that I’m not going to get laid again. It was even more frustrating because my best friend was getting all the girls. He just had that perfect chiseled face that every single girl likes and top that up with some suave words and that was all he needed. They jumped on him every night while I was crying myself to sleep. The pain and frustration became unbearable.

I had enough! I knew I wasn’t gorgeous but I also knew there had to be a way to get these women into bed. I must be saying something wrong, I must be doing it wrong, something must be wrong.

I eventually started reading and researching what other guys are doing and exactly what works. It became my obsession, I was reading something today and trying it for real that same night. It took only 2 weeks and I got laid for the first time in years. It was like loosing my virginity again. After only 1 girl I already discovered a system that worked.   I didn’t stop there, I continued studying more and more techniques, the woman psychology, feelings, sex etc. I also decided to pursue Social Psychology as my field of choice because it will allow me to better understand women. I went even further – when my rent contract was due I moved into a house with 3 girls. Not to sleep with them, but to understand how they think.   I know, I must have taken everything to the extreme, but I have managed to achieve the success I always wanted. It’s been over 5 years since I started this. Now I understand how women think (which is totally different from how we think), I understand how they come to desire something, what they desire, how they want a man to be, and so much more.  I have helped most of my friends get dates (apart from my best friend, he was doing fine), getting those dates into bed and even helped some find the woman of their dreams.     To get you started, make sure you subscribe to receive my FREE report, 11 Simple Rules That Will Make You a Real Player. It’s a fantastic report that will lay the foundation of your inevitable success with women. After you receive that you will be subscribed to my newsletter where I will take you by the hand and show you many many more ways on  How to: Approach them, Talk to them, Flirt with them, Get them into bed, Please them, Online Dating etc
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