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Jun 06, 2022
A while ago I replicated the Hulu website using Vuejs.
It was such a fun experience cos it was my first time writing Vue. So would like to share it here :)

Live link - https://hulu-clone-ekiira.vercel.app
Github - https://github.com/ekiira/hulu-clone
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Jan 09, 2022
Hi, so about two months ago I was given a coding exercise to do by a company I applied to and I was really impressed with the design(Credits to the designer) here is my implementation
Live Link: https://piclab-fawn.vercel.app
Github: https://github.com/ekiira/piclab

The technologies used were Nextjs, TailwindCSS,  Prismic(My first time using it), and deployed on Vercel.

Before doing this project I had been feeling a bit of imposter syndrome but after I finished I gained my confidence back. 

I hope you all like it and I'm open to any comments and suggestions. I also hope to post more of my projects and my growth here. Thanks 
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