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Beta testers for KeyLink teams

To date: Launched KeyLink this October 17th on iOS hitting #9 and #7 on the top 10 lists on the Apple Store within a few days, and weeks of launch, respectively.
Launched on Android in November.

What's next: We are now finishing up development on our teams version, which will allow admins to share specific keys and/or folders with teams for on-brand messaging and quick responses.  We are seeking beta testers specifically for this NEW team version of the app, which will provide both desktop and mobile app access.

What are we looking for: We are seeking founders, marketing managers, etc who would hold the admin role over their team access.

Perks: Beta testers will be provided free access for the duration of the test period and will be offered a 50% discount for the first year on the product should they participate in providing feedback on the beta version. 

You can learn more about keys by downloading our current apps for FREE at either the Apple Store:

or Google Play:

More about KeyLink:
KeyLink is a custom keyboard that enables you to easily store, access, and share common links and text, such as your social media accounts, website, product links, etc. Download today and reply and apply within any app 3.5 times faster with links and text, all with just 1 click of your custom keyboard! ‬ The app is compatible with any app including all popular social media and messaging apps such as iMessage, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. 
Store and share any link. Some examples include:
  • Personal social media accounts
  • Business social media accounts 
  • Blogs
  • Promo links
  • Affiliate links
  • Product pages 
  • Personal website 
  • Business website 
  • Shared documents 
Easily add taglines, marketing messages, product or job descriptions, and other commonly shared information! Share sentences and paragraphs with just 1 click, no more copying and pasting dozens of messages from notes or docs! Reply 3.5 times faster to emails, texts, social media posts, direct messages, and more, with 1 click of your custom KeyLink keyboard! 
Great time saver for: 
  • Startup founders
  • Business owners 
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Influencers
  • Job applicants 
  • School applicants
  • Grant applicants 
  • And more
Now with KeyLinks' share extension, allowing you to instantly save a link to KeyLink with any apps' share function and also allowing you to highlight text to directly save it as a Key within KeyLink. You can then share stored links & text with just 1 click of your keyboard directly within any app. KeyLink: Unlock efficiency.
KeyLink Pro: unlock additional features including folders and analytics. 

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Polywork is a social network where you share the unique intersection of what you do and who you are. Meet, discuss, and discover opportunities with your Community.
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Posted on Jan 11, 2023

Jennifer Strout

4x Founder & CEO of MotivateU
4x Founder & CEO of MotivateU, Inc. 

MotivateU develops mobile and web apps that save you time allowing you to efficiency achieve your business and wellness goals.
Apps include: KeyLink that saves you time replying & applying with custom messages & links with just 1 tap of your custom keyboard!‬
KeyLink is available for iOS and Android. Download KeyLink & find out why we hit #9 and #7 in top 10 charts in the Apple App Store since our launch October 17th! Search: KeyLink
Under development: KeyLink teams and KeyLink desktop
Another product line is the MotivateU platform, which has options for fitness professionals, gym and studio owners, and those looking for fitness services- both individuals and teams.
The MotivateU fitness platform is an all-in-one fitness management platform that includes patent-pending motion tracking synchronization software with real-time feedback (no hardware required). MotivateU's platform includes integrated two-way live streaming that contains our motion tracking software, integrated on-demand video library that automatically connects with our motion tracking software, detailed during and post-session feedback available for both clients and coaches, integrated NLP-enabled messaging system, ability to host virtual, hybrid, and live classes, data-driven insights across clients, classes, workouts, coaches, and locations, integrated calendar and scheduling (individual and team), integrated payments, subscriptions, & reports, custom community (private, public, and combo options), branding (white label option available), APIs, personalized onboarding, customer success management, and more.
Simply put, MotivateU provides fitness professionals the software tools to fight back against direct-to-consumer AI Fitness. Empowering fitness professionals to be able to offer the same level of convenience, flexibility, & data-driven metrics as AI fitness, without replacing them.
Learn more about our solutions and request a demo at
At age 4, I was given my first computer from my grandfather, I used one to teach myself math at age 5, to write my first screenplay at age 10, to develop my first webpage at age 12, to code a novel program at age 20, and to patent my first invention the summer of 2020.
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What is Polywork?

Polywork is a social network where you share the unique intersection of what you do and who you are. Meet, discuss, and discover opportunities with your Community.
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