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Business Coach for those who want to do and be more than one thing / writer of The Little Book of Happiness

Designed for those who want it all —  real “me time”, a successful career, a profitable business, their craft, and tons of fun along the way. 

I believe we can do and be many things
— that’s why my clients hire me. Well, along with a growth mindset, innovative thinking, and a not so low key obsession for finding joy in all we do. 

I help you build a successful professional life,  focusing on what brings the most joy and delivers results. This can mean creating and launching a successful side-business, changing job, increasing time dedicated to your craft or growing your business.

My strategic skills comes from my start-up background, my creative thinking comes from cultivating my writing, my efficiency comes from my laziness (let's be honest!), I've always been this gril who finds the optimal way, because why work hard when I can work smart?

I also wrote a book called the Little book of happiness available on Amazon

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