Talked on a Podcast
Got to chat with Chris Payne on Billboard's #alternativefacts podcast! Listen here.

"Fortunately, this week’s #AlternativeFacts podcast features a guest who knows Halsey from the very beginning.

Billboard contributor/all-around music internet star Paige Williams was a marketing assistant at Universal Records when Halsey first signed with its imprint Astralwerks. Remembering her Tumblr-famous parody songs, Williams jumped at the opportunity to work with the young artist.

“The day that she signed her contract,” Williams remembers, “I went into my boss’ office and said I really wanna work with her. He’s like, ‘You’re an assistant! What are you doing?’” Eventually, Williams got to run point on Halsey’s Canadian marketing, which led to their first meeting. “We were doing this event and she literally walked in the room, saw me and ran up and hugged me and was like, ‘Oh my god! I know you from Twitter!’”

So what’s it like to know Halsey from way back? Listen to the podcast above to hear some one-of-a-kind firsthand stories from Williams, as well as her insights on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom."