Designed an app
Created a platform for health care providers to connect and engage with their users/patients in most natural ways through text/messaging on popular channels like WhatsApp, SMS etc. No need to create and manage separate apps (helping in app detox for users as well. It can plug and play with any EHR/EMR (some dev is needed as it is not fully productized).

Care providers who do not have in house technology team and are relying on EHR's from outside vendors, spend lot of time and money with vendors integrating with popular social media platform with their systems. I have created a platform where it can seamlessly deliver patient engagement over WhatsApp and SMS by integrating with systems through API's. You can get in touch with me @ and I am happy to help.

It is currently operational in 50+ small care providers and fantastic results are seen in terms of reduced queues in registration/appointments, stickiness with the patients.

It has a huge potential in growing as big platform, hence I am looking for passionate collaborators/co-founders to join and take it to next level. There are so many exciting things that can be done here!