Patrick Becker
  • @patrick_becker

I am a creative person who loves sharing what I have. I grew up drawing, acting and reading everything I could. As a young man I loved working in the hospitality industry because I got to take care of people and share the city’s many experiences to be had with them. As I matured and was promoted to Revenue Analyst, I was successful and got to exercise my logical abilities, but did not receive the rewards of creativity or of being social. I knew I needed to make a change. Luckily, I was furloughed during the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown. Several friends had gone to the Turing School of Software & Design and loved the experience. They also found gainful employment relatively quickly after graduating. Since I had experience with graphic design, data analytics and leading a diverse team toward a common goal, the tech industry seemed like the perfect move! Now that I’ve graduated from Turing, I feel empowered to be a part of such an inclusive, intelligent and challenging industry. It blends my creative skills and strategic thinking. I am looking forward to whatever comes next.

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Feb 2023 - Present

Frontend Developer, Self-employed