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Patrick O'Keefe

  • @patrickokeefe
  • Community, Trust, and Safety Consultant, CNN EPP
  • He/Him
  • Hollywood, California
Experienced strategist and designer of online community products and programs, who has scaled diverse, global teams, measured financial impact, driven revenue and community action, guided product development roadmaps, and created safe, impactful community spaces. Has provided strategy to CNN, FedEx, Sony, Cisco, NOAA, and Forbes.

Selected Accomplishments

• 20+ years leading and guiding online community programs, from small organizations to household names.

• After taking over a 2 year old, stagnant community program for a well-known consumer brand, grew active members by 587.4% in 12 months and 761.7% in 24 months, driving a substantial, measurable revenue increase.

• Author of platform policies used by global brands and independent communities. Personally involved in hundreds of thousands of individual moderation and policy decisions while managing spaces with millions of contributions.

• Wrote the book Managing Online Forums, published in 2008, which has influenced countless community builders and is available in more than 1,000 libraries worldwide.
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Jun 28, 2021
Jun 28, 2021
Grateful for this conversation about the model minority myth and racism targeting Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander folks. It was months in the making, and I couldn't have had it with a better group.

On our latest Community Signal, Jenn Hudnet, Lana Lee, and Phoebe Venkat candidly talk about how their lives, work, and communities have been impacted.

Listen: https://www.communitysignal.com/dismantling-the-model-minority-myth-and-fostering-safer-communities-one-conversation-at-a-time/
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Creator and Host, Community Signal
Sep 01, 2020
Sep 01, 2020
Excited to join New Museum of Contemporary Art as Mentor, NEW INC! 🎉
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Mentor, NEW INC, New Museum of Contemporary Art
Oct 01, 2015
Oct 01, 2015
Excited to join Community Signal as Creator and Host! 🎉
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Creator and Host, Community Signal