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  • Created by Pauline Narvas
  • Created on 30 Sep 21
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Filmed a TikTok
Experimented creating a tech-TikTok and discovered β€œTechTok” πŸ˜†
Went on a Youtube Livestream
I spoke on Hack This Fall 2.0’s speaker sessions to talk about moving your local development environment to the cloud ☁️
Hosted a livestream
Mike and I delivered a livestream about Gitpod’s release of OpenVSCode Server πŸš€
Made an Announcement
The launch of OpenVSCode Server + a quick demo!Β 
Published a newsletter
Second edition of #DevXDigest πŸŽ‰
Participated in a Live Stream
Streamed with Eddie Jaoude, we talked about all things Gitpod 🍊
Filmed a tutorial
Updated the Gitpod Screencasts 🍊