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Writer ~ Thinker ~ Content Creator You're asking what I do? Well, the answer is quite simple: I w...  
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Sep 01, 2021
Sep 01, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
I just found out about Polywork – and now I'm super excited to check it out!

And thanks, IO, for giving me a hand here. Without your hints I would be lost...
Jan 11, 2021
Jan 11, 2021
Started a new role at ABOPR Pressedienst B.V.
Became an editor
Excited to join ABOPR Pressedienst B.V. as Editor / Technical Writer! 🎉
Editor / Technical Writer, ABOPR Pressedienst B.V.


Sep 30, 2020
Sep 30, 2020
Left a role at Technical University of Munich
Studied a Master's at University of Augsburg
Graduated from University of Augsburg
+ 1
Successfully completed my master's degree at Universtiy of Augsburg – and thus also ended my journey as Research Assistant at Technical University of Munich.

Bye, bye, time of my life!
Research Assistant, Technical University of Munich
Sep 29, 2020
Sep 29, 2020
Wrote a Blog Post
Published a blog post
Edited a blog post
Worked with Wordpress
Reviewed a book
Published a story
Wrote a short story
+ 5
Started my very own blog project!

German speakers, visit me at Pawstorms – where you can enjoy reviews, thoughts, and stories.
May 01, 2020
May 01, 2020
Started a new role at Corona School / Learn-Fair
Helped pupils with their schoolwork
Excited to help pupils in need with their French schoolwork :)
Private Tutor, Corona School / Learn-Fair


Feb 01, 2018
Feb 01, 2018
Left a role at University of Augsburg
Mentored college students
Teached German As a Foreign Language
Teached German to Refugees
+ 2
Ended my journey as Tutor at University of Augsburg!
Tutor, University of Augsburg
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