Patrick Kruschinski
  • @peperoni
Me in a nutshell:
Hi, Iā€™m Patrick (aka Pepe). I help retail companies implement individual self-checkout solutions to gain efficiency in internal and customer related processes.

What defines me:
Understanding that all action should be related to customer service makes me a sparring partner for a wide range of topics e.g. business optimization, marketing, sales advisory, future technologies and customer experience.

Where I add value:
I help CxOs and executives to create a better customer experience and by doing so collect intraday information about preferences. It's a triple-win situation for your management, employees and customers due to the implementation of disruptive technologies and reframing the way employees deal with sales advisory.

How I can help:
āœ‰ļø Connect with me to see which self-checkout solutions are a match for your stores
šŸ’¬ Start a conversation about what other retailers are doing to drive success
šŸ“† Access my calendar and book a video meeting for a coffee break chat

Contact me:
+49 151 5004 8865
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