Colin Curtin
  • @perplexes
Hello, I’m Colin! I do lots of things but mostly I love helping by people achieve their dreams through coaching. 💕

I manage engineers at Square in a highly regulated space (Payroll). I’ve been managing for about 7 years. My background is mainly in 15 years of startups.

I’m a parent, DJ, make great coffee (started a coffee roasting business once). My pandemic hobbies include 3D printing, flying mini quadcopters (3d printed!) and fabricating random useful objects. I also read as much as I possibly can.

My current project is a low cost 3d printed evaporative air conditioner that has a liquid desiccant stage so it can work in high humidity and also keep your internal humidity at a pleasant level.
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Nov 2019 - Present

Engineering Manager, Square

Jul 2017 - Nov 2019

EM/Director of Eng, Human Interest