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 I just launched ProductivePrivacy   

For the longest time, I have been maintaining and building a personal database to keep track of privacy-focused, open-source, and end-to-end encrypted productivity tools. As the topic of online privacy and data ownership are both getting more important recently, I decided it was about time to make this database publicly available to everyone. My number one goal is to raise awareness about all the amazing productivity tools out there, that do respect their users’ privacy. I have been a privacy advocate for quite some time, as I completely banned Google products and services from my life, sharing privacy-focused tools within my newsletter Creativerly, and also highlighting the fact, that you do not need Google Analytics to get insights on the traffic happening on your website.

About ProductivePrivacy

Now, it is time to launch something new for folks interested in privacy:
If you are on the hunt for privacy-focused, open source or end-to-end encrypted productivity tools and alternatives to the ones you are already using, ProductivePrivacy is the place to go.
I am excited to launch ProductivePrivacy to the public. Since I have been maintaining my personal database with Airtable, I decided to build a directory website with Softr. Softr gave me the possibility and power to build a directory website powered by an Airtable database, literally in minutes. You connect your Airtable account to Softr, choose the building blocks you like, and link the individual database entries to Softr’s frontend. It is exciting to be able to bring a project to life with such a powerful and easy-to-use tool.

Get involved

The database of ProductivePrivacy is a constantly growing one, as it is my personal interest to gather privacy-focused productivity tools and share them with the public. Therefore, I also encourage everyone to share their findings or the tools you are building within that area with me, as I happily add them to ProductivePrivacy. Just get in contact with me and we can discuss anything else from there. Currently, you will find 31 tools within ProductivePrivacy, ranging from note-taking, PKM, project management, to task management tools.
As part of the directory website, I am also launching a casual newsletter, which should inform anyone who is interested in updates to the directory, but also news and articles about the topic of data privacy in general. If that is your thing, you can sign up right here.

What do I have planned next for ProductivePrivacy?

I want to keep improving ProductivePrivacy. That means, I am always looking for new tools to add to the directory, I want to grow it in general, and I want to evolve the website. Therefore, I am already working on v2 of ProductivePrivacy. Softr was great to build v1 of the directory and get the project out there quickly. But now I want to focus to build v2 of ProductivePrivacy, which means designing a website that meets my standards, ideas, and expectations. I am still exploring which tool might be the best fit for it. Webflow seems great, powerful, and gives me the creative freedom I need, but on the other, it is pretty pricey (if you have any ideas or alternatives, let me know). I do have some monetisation plans in mind for ProductivePrivacy, but right now I want to focus on evolving and polishing the project.