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Lisa Plitnichenko

Content manager with 3 years of experience in the web & mobile development industry. 

I’m sure the only way to go is to create insightful & user-centric content, explaining difficult concepts in a simple way and bringing real value to prospects.

I'm an eager language learner (French & English philologist), introvert, and fan of casual communication. Ethical marketing is my way to go. 

Love meta irony, art & books, yoga, and my cats:) 
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Feb 16, 2022
Feb 16, 2022
Having an amazing business idea is only the beginning of a fascinating, hard, frustrating, and rewarding startup journey.

It’s inspiring how founders are following their dreams, but sometimes they forget about the reality: every idea needs validation

If it's something you struggle with, read this article to create an action plan for validating your business idea with minimal risks. 

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Dec 27, 2021
Dec 27, 2021
On-demand apps are still hitting the market, so my team and I turn our expertise in this domain into a comprehensive article, covering:

  • top on-demand services industries & examples for inspiration;
  • 6 main steps to launch the first version of the on-demand app with a minimal budget;
  • feature list and rough time estimation.

Enjoy the read: https://jellyfish.tech/on-demand-app-development/
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Content Marketer, Jellyfish.tech
Dec 01, 2019
Dec 01, 2019
Excited to join Jellyfish.tech as Content Marketer! 🎉
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Content Marketer, Jellyfish.tech